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>> that is it for "studio b" and i will be back later with the follow report at 7:00 in the east and 4:00 in the west. the 401(k) was pretty good up about 78 points. now neil cavuto with that and more. >>neil: maybe mitt is it. don't take the republican nominee's word for it, or all his spin room surrogates pushing it, post the big debate, liberals speechless. >> president obama wanted a conversation. it takes two people to have a conversation. mitt romney came out with a chain saw. >> after practices more than any candidate he delivered. >> he did not expect romney to hold that heat and romney was able to out obama, obama. >> mitt romney wins preparation and style. >>neil: something here is
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going on the last 24 hours because don't look now, but this just in: do not resuscitate. the patient is fine. suddenly, out of nowhere, the mormon is stormin'. >> welcome, everyone, i ambassador neil cavuto and this is what a roaring romney sounded like. >> trickle down government is where the president will raise taxes on small business which kills jobs. i want to keep taxes down on small business so we can create jobs. this is about good jobs for the american people. >>neil: he swings, slams, scores, way too early to say if the swing states swinging back to the challenger but after last night, the critics say they probably stopped swinging away. larry said the race ain't over but he also is saying for the challenger it is an uphill fight. what do you make of last night and how this changes the
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dynamics? >> everyone, obviously, just about everyone, from right to left, says that romney won the debate. i gave you a full "a" and i give the president a "c" minus. there was a giant difference between their performance. everyone who was fair was impressed with how romney handled that from going to end. obama was stunned by how well romney was performing. he seemed almost to take a step back and tune out. >>neil: do you think he came in to it is on the clock, the president, to your point he didn't expect this, and he saw little risk in taking on mitt romney and even if romney did well it would not move the needle were and maybe that is what the folks are hoping today. will that be the case?
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>> they may be hoping that but as word gets out and as the coverage continues of the debate, more people would didn't watch the debate will hear about romney's performance. if they are not if romney or they are undecided they will be intrigued that he took on the president and did as well as they have now heard that he did or will hear they did. the criticism being made and you heard a couple of the obama spokesman making it, that romney won because he was so well prepared and had so many practice sessions. that is what we reward people for. >>neil: debate do not have a big impact on the ultimate vote but this year, and you remind me to say it is different, this is a feeling a lot of the president's support is
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relatively soft, built on shifting sand. a lot of the survivors are disappointed. they would be intrigued by an alternative, as carter supporter s saw. maybe mitt romney is looking less ricky, it is not a matter of him winning over undecided voters but, possibly, possibly, possibly, president obama voters? >>guest: i doubt that will happen. i don't think that is it. >>neil: do you want me to have another ice cream bet with you? >>guest: i was trying to say it in a night way. you are wrong, neil. >>neil: now you are putting a mitt romney on me. >>guest: i am saying, this is more a matter of enthusiasm in the two bases. when a candidate doesn't perform
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well in a debate, it reduces the enthusiasm of his party supporters because they are looking and they are not saying the person they thought they were backing. take the other side of the coin, when people from the other party view their candidate and they see their candidate performing to an excellent degree, they enthused, excited, they are going do spend more time and of the campaigning. they will spend more time convincing friends and relatives to vote so it is more a battle of the two party bases and more about enthusiasm. >>neil: so now the pressure will be on next week's vice presidential debate on the next presidential debate where a lot of president obama supporters will say you better come out swinging, you better do what ronald reagan did after a lackluster opening debate with mondale. i don't know whether he does it with aject -- a joke or a quick
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zinger at ronald reagan did but is it incumbent upon the president to get the forts back and get back in the game? >>guest: you would think so. how could we avoid the critique of the president's performance in that debate? as i said from left to right it has been very, very critical. it is hard to think of a debate except maybe the 1980 debate between reagan and carter where the gap between the incumbent and the challenger was so great, if this doesn't get the obama white house attention nothing will. you are right, they will come up with some lines or a joke or something but it is not as though romney is just going to sit back and do nothing between now and the next debate. my guess is based on his past practice, he already is working with portman on new answers. >>neil: i like what you said "right now" it is changing people's perception of mitt romney.
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professor, always a pleasure, thank you. to wall street and whether investors think romney could be a "by." the same bunch is saying in polls they he has no chance to be present but did that change last night? what do you think, scott? >>guest: well, it is interesting. looking at contributions for the last few months, alone from wall street, the big switch from mitt romney of four years ago. the mormon is stormin', this is a romney rally all day long. the markets seems to like where we are. >>neil: you credit this to the romney thing? ing i am. i have to because at this rate the economy is not growing. we have a job number tomorrow that will probably be careful, yes, a fed is all in, but if you watch the futures as i do in the
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middle of the night to my wife's discretion i have to say futures bounce after this debate. >>neil: you are right. we noticed that and we noticed the foreign market reaction. but you know i don't brag but we were the only ones noticing that. do you think the markets, then, by and large the markets tend to favor republicans, not all the time, but, now, since they like bailouts and rescues, i don't know who is who anymore. but if it looks like it is more possible that romney could pull it out, what happens closer to election day? >>guest: the funny thing is, i would take one side of this obama argument which is, to me, as far as the markets go he is a known quantity. he has thrown everything possible that isant business -- that is antibusiness, health
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care, tax hikes, health care that no one wants, but the market going up. if romney gets in the market continues to go out. record amount of profit and record amount of cash. they are not spending it because they are scared of the administration. >>neil: a lot of them are warning including h.p. and intel. they see storm clouds. >> governor romney and paul ryan will be my special guest tonight at 9:00 p.m. i have forwarded money supply questions to hannity so he is covered. still think it is too late for romney to roar in wait until you hear about bundlers who are busted. 0t[h7♪
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at red lobster. there's so many choices, the gues love it! [ male announcer ] don't miss endless shrimp. try as much as you like, anyway you like. like new teriyaki grilled shrimp for just $14.99! my name is gela trapp, and i sea food differently. >> conservatives are frustrated how long the president has been
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able to get appear with saying some of things that are not rue and not having to justify the record. tonight for the first time they feel like someone stood up to him and pointed out what he has done wrong, called him out on what he was say that is not true and offered an alternative. that will excite a lot people. >>neil: a bounce in senator rubio was with me last night on fox business network, and romney is on a role which is base that is jazzed. financial backers whose wallets are suddenly opening. we have been following the money after the debate. what do you hear? >>guest: well, not only do i think i me, and debates are good for one thing, the winner usually rallies in the continue raising world. this morning east bat i got an e-mail from a guy who is a big bundler saying he will e-mail and rally the troops. the next e-mail was a guy in
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dallas, texas who is doing a barbecue party with paul ryan. the surrogates are on top of it and raising funds which is good. we actually thought that romney's brand was dead. now he is revived. that is good for one thing, moral and fundraising. deep donors are hiking its up. they are ready to start rolling. that is great. >> i will be more pessimistic. it was a great, romney backers see this as a great victory. the boots and barbecue thing in dallas, i know a lot about it, that is already baked in, not new. >>neil: they are not eating boots and barbecue, boots like cowboy boots. >>guest: i will never wear cowboy boots if i go. i like barbecue. this has been baked in.
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what we really have to worry about, there was talk of people would made commitments diverting that with the romney campaign and they are not giving to mitt romney to where they have most impact in house of representatives and senate races because of the polls. they thought it was getting away. >>neil: they have to see more polls? >>guest: who knows? >>neil: do a lot of the guys you talk to, do they need to see evidence that the governor has got some traction here? or they feel so upbeat he had a good performance they are finally giving him money? >>guest: they feel so upbeat. charlie, that was an event that was in the works but they revamped it and are send owe e-mails. >> they try to revamp it. >>guest: no, they are revamping it. >> they trying. >> they serve steak with the chicken?
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this wasn't exact a small event. >>neil: i dedetected a little northeast dismissiveness. so you don't buy it? and you do? >>guest: i don't know. show me. show me. >>neil: you need proof? she is telling you she is getting noise. >>guest: after the debate i turned it to msnbc --. >>neil: whoa, whoa, whoa. >>guest: i listened to chris matthews, depressed. racial had nothing to say and sharpton was a goofball. that tells me --. >>neil: did you have their picture on and you are watching fox business network or to compare how nonprofessional i was? >>guest: i like to see how the other side goes. >> i am just saying and i don't
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want to pick an argument. if the point is the boots and barbecue, that is not an example of those guys that were financially committed doing a 180 or doing a 180 again. >>neil: a lot your friends are wormy and phony and disingenuous. >>guest: i didn't say that! >>neil: they are. they will give money, whoever is out front. >>guest: yes, i still think --. >>neil: they are warms. >>guest: one debate, does that mean one debate, the base --. >>neil: you have in doubt? >>guest: i am seeing it, charlie. i am seeing it. i am getting the e-mails. >> just show me. >>neil: as much as you annoy me, she annoys me more.
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think allen alan simpson, maybe younger, or simpler. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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>>neil: the candidates are tackeling debt last night. are they listening? >> we go all over the country, we do math, not myth. we say, we don't want any filtered questions. when we stop after an hour, we get a standing ovation. we are not looking for stand ovation. the people are ready for someone to tell them the truth rather than this mush that they get it done without touching precious medicare, medicaid and precious
1:22 pm
defense. those people are phony. >>neil: do you think he is alone? think again. forget kicking the can down the road because the can is about to kit back. we have the executive director of "the can kicks back." you appear to be younger than the good senator but you share the same goal, right, to get hopping. >>guest: correct. we are an organization whose main goal is for a long-term comprehensive bipartisan deficit reduction goal. in our opinion that deal needs to have the millennium voice. if not, there will not be a deal we believe. >>neil: would the group be if their 20's? >>guest: between 18 and 32. >>neil: you telling them when
1:23 pm
it comes to entitlements, especially, we don't start addressing this, there will be nothing for any of us? >>guest: right. we are trying to connect the issue to their lives. we saying you need to hear about this because sometimes it is hard to tell people, here is what will happen 40 years down the road. what we are telling them, we are talking about lost opportunity. to be honest, they are angry. they want to do something. >>neil: what what i amire about what you are trying to do, the commercial on an educated consumer is the best customer. young people don't realize this is saveable. a majority of young people assume they not going to get because the well will run dry, they can get if all age groups, all demographics start moving. how do you make that pitch? what do you say?
1:24 pm
>>guest: well, we are basically out there connecting the issue to their lives where it is lost opportunity, it is lower standard living. we have a series of actions for them to take. our ultimate goal is a long-term bipartisan deal right now one of our first actions, we have an open letter to the next president and we encourage people to go to the website and sign the petition and give the first initial voice out there. >>neil: do you have a horse in the race, president obama or mitt romney? >>guest: we are committed to remaining bipartisan. we believe whoever is elected has to step cross the aisle and talk with the other side. we don't see that endorsing a candidate helps us at this point. >>neil: a lot on the ball. what you are doing is very
1:25 pm
important. from talking numbers to going by the numbering. >> i will not keep spending money on things to borrow money from china to pay for it. i will take programs that are currently good programs but could be run more efficiently at the state level and send them to the state. number three, i will make government more efficient. >>neil: governor romney is now showing his c.e.o. side, the author of "sell or be sold." i was thinking of that, grant, this was the c.e.o. uber wonk executive, mitt romney being unveiled. i have seen bits and pieces of this when he took on santorum or gingrich but he went full throttle last night particularly when he framed it in a way, we are not going to do this. or framed building something
1:26 pm
that will be paid by someone else. react to this, the china appall joy. >> this to me was the c.e.o. executive, chairman of the board^, coming back to tell the manager that he is left in charge of the company, i am disappointed of you. what were you thinking? he controlled it like a c.e.o. conviction is the making point of a sell being made. >>neil: but your boss tells you, you don't produce this much or if my business your ratings are this were, you are going do get this much. when it came to looking at how we frame the debate about what the governor is trying to do, he went so far as even to question
1:27 pm
what the president was charging him with. react to this. >> you said you get a deduction for taking a plant overseas? i've been if business if -- for 25 years i have no idea what you are talking about. >>neil: the president says that law is on the books. why know what he is referring to. mitt romney called him on that. what do you make of that and the approach romney took on that, there is no such law or incentive. >>guest: this is the way to gain altitude with your opponent to show that the product or the service or the solution being offered is inferior and has not worked. he says, i've been in business 25 years i have in clue what you are talking about. what are you doing, 26 million people unemployed and you went after health care in what were you thinking in i am appalled. it was like the father telling the son i am disappointed. the c.e.o. took charge last night, it was not a political debate. mitt romney showing the american
1:28 pm
economy, the american people, i can run this country. i can solve these problems. >>neil: but he brought egg back to how much we as a government are spending. the deficit was front and center. react to this. >> the president said he would cut the deficit in half. unfortunately, he doubled it. $1 trillion deficits for the last fur -- four years. the president put almost as much debt held by the public as all prior presidents combined. >>neil: what he was saying, whatever you inherited you did that and then some. did that register? >>guest: again, it is like delivering a spanking in the boardroom, point one, point two, point three, you said this was the budget. you didn't do it. you said this is the revenue, you didn't do it. the promised the people this, you didn't do it. i can. it made a compelling point not just to people that are loyal to
1:29 pm
mitt romney but also people that are undecided. i believe, also, the conviction, you could see it, that president obama literally started submitting through the debit to the points. >>neil: it is interesting. very interesting dissertation to wrap your arms around what was an economic tutoring. very weird. forget about getting the undecided, did mitt romney moved decided, not just getting new voter but stealing the president's voters?
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>>neil: i have been thinking which is dangerous. what if the polls right and wrong. what if the president is leading but his own support is, at best, soft being? what if his swing state is build on a pile of sand and that sand is shifting. my theory is this, karl, that the president's support, a lost it, not the majority, but a last it is built on, we will settle with him because we have heard all this stuff about mitt romney so, advantage the president. now they look at mitt romney and he looks good, promising, wait, maybe the default inspect obama. what do you say?
1:34 pm
>>guest: well, you have hit an important point. the president's campaign is aimed at disqualifying mitt romney. there is very little about the future. no concrete map. no big vision for the future. rahm emanuel made a comment early this year that was repeated before the d convention which was president obama needs to run on the basis of a proactive forward-looking investigation otherwise he could lose. he has not listened to the former chief of staff but instead is emphasizing all the policies, we have not made mistakes on the economy and all we have to do is give it more time and i will spend my time trying to disqualify mitt romney as a rich guy who is outsourced jobs, killed the buy of the steelworker through indifference and whose wife is an open and known and practicing equestrian.
1:35 pm
that is not very attractive so when mitt romney goes on the tube last night and does what he does, it reassures the american people he is someone they can trust. this happened in 1919, when jimmy carter led ronald reagan and he painted ronald reagan as a warmonger and someone who could not be trusted and when they had their debate and ronald reagan came across as confident and reasonable the bottom goal out for jimmy carter. >>neil: what is the delay effect on a debate if there is, karl in a lot can change, with the lighter colored states not being as red or blue as they can be and the what do you look for?
1:36 pm
>>guest: well, i would not use the work prohibitively. since april, the president's list of hard states that are strongly in his column, that has dropped while mitt romney's is green. this is a very close race. if you look at the 91 polls that had have been in 30 days, thing of that, 91 national polls the margin between the two men is over 2 percent. by comparison, during that same period in 2004, there were 41 polls in the bush and kerry race and 5.2said it was a race too co call and the question was, can bush regain the momentum? this could be a very tight election. my sense is we will see some movement but not a lot. >>neil: could you see enough movement in the swing states to take eight or ten-point president obama lead, say, in ohio --. >> there is no eight-point lead
1:37 pm
in ohio. >>neil: you right, more like four points. will the debates narrow anything? >>guest: sure. mondale picked up 3.6 percent as a result of the debate. george bush in 2000 picked up as a result of the debates, 3 percent. john kerry pick up 3 percent in 2004. ronald reagan picked up nearly 3 percent from the beginning to -- during the one debate they had. president obama himself picked up 2.7 percent over the course of the debate. in seven out of the last nine presidential sets of debates, the debate has favored the challenger. if you are a point or two behind, this week, the "national journal" was 47/47. if mitt romney is one or two .s
1:38 pm
behind this will vault him. >>neil: my, oh my how things can change. yesterday at this time all we heard is how republicans were running away from the guy at the top of the ticket. my guest would love to argue that. o crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understands the value of spending time together that's a lot of work getting that one in! let's go see the birdies. [ male announcer ] one on one, sharing what you know. let's do it grandpa. that's why humana agents will sit down with you, to listen and understand what's important to you. it's how we help you choose the right humana medicare plan for you. because when your medicare is taken care of,
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>>neil: overnight mitt romney has become a latter day saint. and now an overnight rockstar at the republican last month is with poe today. tomorrow we will have her opponent on the show, fair and balanced. you were one would said i am not running away from the top of the ticket of the i'm confident about the prospect if the top of the ticket. i am paraphrasing. how do you feel now? >>guest: well romney showed the world what i already knew.
1:42 pm
he is well qualified for this job. last night, we saw two clear different directions of the presidents and what they want to accomplish. obama went on and on and on on the role of government, a laundry list of what government was in charge of. romney said simply it is to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness allowing people to have opportunities to create jobs through a private sector and independent and liberty. >>neil: do you think a debate can change a race? the argument is he certainly has a were -- a much more sentiment coming his way but he has, some say, more serious needles to move forward, but he has an uphill fight. do you agree? >>guest: i agree the base
1:43 pm
makes a challenger or makes the incumbent, have to explain their position. it is the same area with my opponent, he supports president obama. he supports and voted for the $787 billion stimulus. he voted for car check, "cash for clunkers", vote the against the repeal of obamacare. he has to answer that and find a way to provide solutions on the problems we face. obama is in the same position my opponent is. people saying need only can you runaway from your own record you don't even have solutions or are incapable of creating solutions. >>neil: have you campaigned with governor romney? i have been a sure gatt and helped out in november. we going this weekend to help out in ohio. we are excited. i am trying to run two campaigns
1:44 pm
and this is what we are going to have to do to save the country. >>neil: thank you, mia, thank you. >> and a tweet not so sweet for a former republican president, saying governor romney's performance, the best in 20 years. dana, what was bill kristol talking about? >>guest: i assume he was talking about romney, quite a compliment coming from bill cross tall because he is not always so enthusiastic about romney. but it seemed he was impressed. >>neil: who was he comparing to? >>guest: you want me to say that he was say he was better than my former boss, george bush, but the most likely to say that mitt romney did better would probably be 43.
1:45 pm
i have not talked to him there is no one more gracious than president george w. bush except maybe his dad. >>neil: does this gal epaize the base in they think it is winnable, and karl rove says the numbers could be closer than we think. others say, neil, it is a big, big road to climb? >>guest: if it went the other way the conversation we would be having would be different talking about how do you salvage a campaign that is in complete ruin. now you talk about how to capitalize on a good night, some call it a great night, and go on from this. if you think of how it could have been completely different story, romney is thing they did a great job. juan williams is the only person in america who thinks obama won the debate least night. >>neil: he things obama won? >>guest: he said that this morning.
1:46 pm
even obama campaign thinks they didn't win. i don't know if he will continue on this baghdad bob endorsement. you have to watch that. >>neil: thank you. the eyes have it. long, long before others discovered mitt romney the feared c.e.o. we spotted it. it wasn't something he was saying. we were looking at something else. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >>neil: if you wanted fox business network last night you got the real debate scoop early. i did not focus on the republican presidential candidate's words but his eyes. always looking at the president and the reason i remembered that, it is unusual when you ask
1:50 pm
someone, i notice you do fought look at the guy you are talking to. in presidential debates carter was famous for not looking and ford did not look. guys, you are in the same room. the two of them were at their respective stands and did not acknowledge each other. >>guest: we saw it four years ago, too. >>neil: was that by design? did you say you have to look at the president? we think he is thin skinned and you can rattle him. >>guest: the natural thing to do. you right. >>neil: an early read on a challenger getting into the president's face and frustrating the leader of the free world. you were on a role, even to a guy if you read the body language, but the cameras odd ooze pounds and i am actually thinner than sean hannity.
1:51 pm
and another says when you pointed out the republicans operatives fanning out and the democratic operative hiding out, i said this keep this channel on. great job, neil. another long night for you, billion, you did not seem worse for the wear. you seemed you have tossed back a two. >>neil: are you talking pizzas then you are right. a few boxes. and another, corporate bigwigs and for a little channel the big guy deliver as big night. you are growing on me you are enduring. thank you. i have that affect on women. our uniqueto say it is our marriage of money and politics that has you going to our coverage so there is no debate. see for yourself. last night's debate. this is the election 2012, the presidential debate. >> from the university of denver
1:52 pm
the first four big debates this year. >> the people are looking for someone to tell the truth. >> i wouldn't put in place a tax cut that adds to the deficit. >> those of us would have done extraordinarily well, we can afford to do more to make sure we are not blow up the deficit. >> they are throwing in the towel before 10:00, mitt romney scored punch after punch. >> the president is as cool as they come. he certainly was in the debate stage speaking directly to the american people and not interested in any punches from his opponent. >> barn bar -- bipartisan comment, best debate performance since bill clinton in 1992. mitt romney's done everything he needs to do. and the democrats know that. >>neil: a strong following. >> for business it is not a good
1:53 pm
invite. there is if reason for any businessman out there to want to grow his business, advance his business, hire more people. >> over the last four years, small business people have decided that america may not be the place to open a new business. >> the president is absolutely clear his proposal would cut $4 trillion in deficits. >> it is on a website, you can look at the numbers. what cuts we make. and what revenue we raise. >> look how all the debates were won and lost all the way going back to nixon and kennedy, often it was a good one liner that summed up someone. >> mr. president you are entitle custody your own airplane and house but not your own facts. >> he has been running for 18 months on the tax land now, five weeks before the election, he is saying that the big bold idea is, never mine. >> i didn't see a game changer. clearly, governor romney was the more aggressive and he needs to be the more aggressive especially at this point in the
1:54 pm
race but i did not see the game change. >> he was able to articulate well why it is that someone with great business experience is what we need to turn this economy around. >> under governor romney's definition there are a bunch of millionaires and billionaires who is small business. donald trump is a small business. >> president obama called donald trump small business. that is so foolish it is not worth talking about. >>neil: we will probably see in the second debate going if with low expectations and seeing how great they d i have no problem with that i built a college career on it, some of you argue a professional career, keep the expectations low and shock them on the upside when as fox business network has, you take over the financial world! >> we are not done because this is just starting.
1:55 pm
we are on your money, your life, we are there. count on it. yogi, meet romney. really.
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>> yogi bear was right, it ain't over 'til it's over. we still have more than a months to go before the election doesn't convince you of that, maybe a debate last night will. out of nowhere a challenger is going somewhere. no longer given up for dead, mitt romney is on the war path and now very much alive, or so we think. what a difference 24 hours makes. the latest reminder that fortunes can change just like that. ask mitt romney. a basket case. now making a case for making a president maybe history. again, way too early to tell. this swing, too, shall pass. we forget that, but any regular viewer of this show knows we're obsessed with things like that because we're obsessed with time. how many times have i bored you a lot with my fixation on the
1:59 pm
things that fixate us in the moment until they don't? and we're on to fixating on something else? nothing profound. yesterday at this time, mitt romney was political road kill and today he's smoke killing. just like barak obama was until his poll numbers started soaring after august and it was unstoppable. i'm not smart enough to say whose moment will last, especially when the election is weeks away. i'll see you tonight on "fox business" network. the liberal debate backlash, could the media be turning on the president or was it so embarrassed that it had no choice but to recognize the obvious in the president, that on this one night, this crucial night, he botched it. is there something bigger going on here? a key advisor to the romney campaign, john sununu on bigger things at play. it's what he

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